Volunteering & Giving Back To The Industry

Each FSTA committee focuses on a unique aspect of one of the many benefits offered to members. These committees work hard to bring our members the most current, cutting edge, and up-to-date information possible. As one of many great ways to get involved with the FSTA, our committees are always looking for new, innovative, and thought provoking ideas. Consider joining one and learn more about how they are giving back to our community below.

Committee Requirements:
Members of each committee must be from the Professional, Active, or Associate levels of membership and be in good standing.

Committee Appointments:
FSTA committee members are appointed by the President. Committees generally meet monthly via telephone and biannually at FSTA’s Winter and Summer Conferences to accomplish tasks at hand. To join a committee, please contact us at membership@fsta.org.

Conference Committee

Adam Wexler, adam@sideprize.com


Digger Turnbull, digger@xmlteam.com

Paul Charchian
Jay Correia
Nando Di Fino
Stacie Stern

The Conference Committee serves as a resource to help create the best annual conference and regional workshops by providing insight and training and coordinating the resources necessary to accomplish these goals.

Executive Committee


Paul Charchian, President, paul@leaguesafe.com
Stacie Stern, Vice President, stacie.stern@fanduel.com
Howard Kamen, Secretary, hkamen@gannett.com
Peter Schoenke, Chairman, peter@rotowire.com
Rick Wolf, Treasurer,  rick@fullmoonws.com

The Executive Committee is responsible for working in support of, or between board meetings and in an emergency in place of, the full board.

Finance Committee

Rick Wolf, rick@fantasyalarm.com

The Finance Committee is responsible for budgeting, financial reporting, contingency planning, investment policy, reserve policy, and financial effect of employee benefits. The committee prepares monthly reports to the Executive Committees and assists other committees and staff.

Legal Committee

Marc Zwillinger

Thomas Knapp
Stacie Stern

The Legal Committee sets priorities on handling issues that uniquely affect fantasy sports players and companies and recommends broad policy direction to board of directors.

Legislative Affairs Committee

Peter Schoenke

Jay Correia
Jeremy Levine
Stacie Stern

The Legislative Affairs Committee provides oversight for all matters of FSTA that relate to government, particularly at the federal level. The committee sets priorities on handling issues that uniquely affect fantasy sports players and companies and recommends broad policy direction to board of directors.

Membership Committee


Guy Lake, guylake@yahoo-inc.com

The Membership Committee personally engage current and potential members of FSTA. They serve as a resource and sounding board to FSTA’s membership staff on the development of strategy and campaigns. Through this engagement, the Membership Committee creates a sense of community—face-to-face and virtually—that enhances the membership & web experience and strengthens the organization.

Web Committee


Calvin Spears, calspears@gmail.com

The Web Committee personally engage current and potential members of FSTA. Through virtual as well as face-to-face  engagement, the Web Committee creates a sense of community that enhances the web experience and strengthens the organization.

PR Committee


Howard Kamen, hkamen@gannett.com

Stephen Byrd

The PR Committee oversees getting the word out about FSTA and its value to the business community through conversations, written or verbal, with opinion leaders, news media, customer and community networks. Success is measured for the organization through awareness, increased membership and conference attendance, and communication with our members, sponsors, and supporters.

Awards and Research Committee


Nando Di Fino, ndifino@anthemse.com

Adam Wexler
Guy Lake
Paul Charchian

The Research Committee provides insights, guidance and expertise in the formulation and implementation of a multi-year strategic research agenda. It also is involved in the organization and operations of our annual Industry Awards. The committee works to identify critical issues in the changing fantasy sports environment and identifies research opportunities to develop and promote industry success. The committee is focused on enhancing the fantasy sports profession through contribution of high value content to the industry. This committee also acts as liaison to FSTA Board of Directors on research issues.