“Fantasy Football” The 24-Year Losing Streak” Featured in GeekWire

Back in June, FSTA member Mike Harms presented his book “Fantasy Football: The 24-Year Losing Streak” to other members during the FSTA Summer Conference in New York. Today, he is being featured on GeekWire about his fantasy football journey, his experience in technology, and how the mountain of data he has collected over the past twenty years to give him guidance on how to win your league. Harms, who led digital media initiatives at Microsoft and Red bull before taking a sabbatical last year, used  his passion for data and fantasy football as the catalyst for his new book.

“The book is about losing, winning and friendly competition that makes fantasy football so popular. FSTA membership provided real-time feedback from amazing people who are transforming fantasy sports. Several of those innovators made big contributions to the book,” said Harms.

Read the full article on GeekWire, “3 Fantasy Football Tips from an ex-Microsoft Director Who Just Wrote a Book About Losing for 24 Years”.