Hall of Fame Nomination

Nominations for the  FSTA Hall of Fame are now being accepted! All nominations must be submitted by midnight PST on Sunday, March 31, so don’t delay!


Candidacy is open to any individual who meets these two (2) criteria:

  1. Any individual who has been in the fantasy sports industry for at least ten (10) years
  2. Any individual considered to be a ‘founder’ of the fantasy sports movement and therefore active in the industry prior to 1990.

Please note that the individual does not need to be a member of the FSTA for nomination.

Individuals must be nominated as a candidate for election to the Fantasy Sports Hall of Fame by any FSTA member in good standing. The nomination form is found at the bottom of this page.

The Fantasy Sports Hall of Fame Election Committee (HOFEC)* is responsible for reviewing the nominations and selecting an inductee into the Fantasy Sports Hall of Fame. Selecting an inductee occurs through the election process outlined here:

  1. The FSTA Research and Awards Committee will prepare a ballot of eligible candidates (listed in alphabetical order) who are nominated for election by any FSTA member.
  2. The HOFEC will then consider the list and vote. Committee members will cast their vote; with seven (7) points for a first-place vote, four (4) for second, and one (1) for third.
  3. The candidate with the most points will be elected to the Fantasy Sports Hall of Fame. There will be only one inductee per year. In the case of a tie, the two nominees with the highest vote total or the highest number of first-place votes will be inducted.
  4. Elected candidates will be inducted into the Fantasy Sports Hall of Fame at the annual FSTA Summer Conference.

Election results, including candidates not elected and final vote percentages, will not be released by the FSTA Research and Awards Committee.

*The HOFEC is a diverse committee representative of five (5) members of the Fantasy Sports Hall of Fame, five (5) members of the FSTA Board of Directors, and five (5) FSTA members. Members of the HOFEC are selected and overseen by the FSTA Research and Awards Committee.

Voting shall be based upon the individual’s contributions to the fantasy sports industry. Contributions can include 1) raising visibility and popularity of fantasy sports, 2) innovations that revolutionized the industry, or 3) other contributions deemed significant by the HOFEC.

Members of the Fantasy Sports Hall of Fame shall be recognized in the following ways:
▪ Induction ceremony at FSTA Summer Conference.
▪ Inclusion in the ‘Hall of Fame’ section on FSTA website that will include a picture and profile of each Fantasy Sports Hall of Fame member.


  • March 1 – March 31: nominations accepted via FSTA website
  • April 1 – April 20: HOFEC reviews nominees, discusses merits of candidates, casts votes.
  • April 24: Inductee is notified.
  • June 27: Induction ceremony at the FSGA Summer Conference