Member Spotlight: Jeff Volaski

Name: Jeff Volaski

Title: CEO

Company: StatRoute

Location: Littleton, CO

How did you get your start in the fantasy sports industry:
I am just starting. I spend 20+ years as a consumer, and like everyone else I want to provide value to the industry by creating innovative solutions for consumers.

Share one of your favorite fantasy sports stories, may be of a league you’re part of, an exceptional or flopped season, etc.:
I run a pretty serious weekly 14T Fantasy Football League. We run in 3-year iterations, to manage our keeper structure, so every 3 years it resets. Running this league is a major pain in the ass, these guys are brutal, great guys, but being a Commish in this league is not fun. I have been the commish for 10+ years now. (I) hate these guys.

Anyway, I made a rule on our second iteration (back in 2014) that stated the last place team in the 3rd year of each iteration is eliminated permanently from the league. And of course, it came down to me and another team, week 16 consolation bracket, MNF, Elimination. In the bag, up by 3 pts, 4 minutes to go in the game, in the season. Matt Stafford gets strip sacked, recovered by Cowboys. I had Stafford, he had Dallas DEF. Three minutes later I lost by .32 points.

FML. Since then the new Commish quit after 5 games, and currently, I am the commissioner of this league full of assholes and I am not playing in it.

Why did you join the FSTA?
FSTA is the trusted voice of the Fantasy Sports Industry. I want to be a part of this community and help any way I can.

Where do you see the greatest opportunity for growth in the industry?
Innovation. This industry has no boundaries when companies are leading in innovative ideas and solutions. Sports Betting opens doors, but it will be our job to maximize what consumers can do, and how they access their value.