Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), the fantasy sports industry’s most vibrant global community, helps its members thrive by providing human connections to knowledge and ideas, relationships, and marketplaces. FSTA membership is comprised of over 200 member companies.


The governing body of FSTA is the Board of Directors. The FSTA Board is responsible for reviewing and approving the organization’s strategic plans. It oversees financial integrity and monitors performance against achievement of strategy and long-term vision. Members of the board include the President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and up to 15 directors.

Each year, FSTA members in good standing are eligible to submit an application to serve on the FSTA Board of Directors.

FSTA’s Vision

Connecting fans to the sports they love.

FSTA’s Mission

To support fantasy sports and new forms of fan engagement.

FSTA Core Values

Our values support the culture and environment that FSTA aspires to be, to enable our commitment to sustainable success.

The support of an environment that is good for business development.

Embrace innovation
To welcome new and novel ideas.

To set long-range goals that fuel today’s decisions and actions.

Support Legal Game Play
The encouragement of lawful participation in fantasy sports.