Press Release: Mastersball and CreativeSports to Form Separate Entities

Todd Zola & Lawr Michaels
Press Releases
26 October 2017

Following a fruitful seven-year partnership, Lawr Michaels and Todd Zola are separating enterprises.

Effective November 1, 2017, the pair will continue to serve different segments of the fantasy market just under original monikers.

Zola will continue to focus upon in-depth statistical analysis in baseball, selling his Platinum package, featuring the industry’s earliest available projections at www.Mastersball.com, as he has done for countless league and high-stakes fantasy baseball winners since 1997. Zola will also provide new public content daily.

Michaels is rebooting Creativesports 2.0, (https://www.creativesports2.com/), returning to the more content-based analysis that established Creativesports as an internet staple over 20 years ago. In addition to baseball and football, Lawr has added a handful of new writers—Dare Maybury (NFL), Nick Devine (NBA, NCAA, NFL) , Danny Groom (MLB, EPL), and Chris Koeing (NFL, MLB)—expanding to cover tactics for both season-long formats as well as DFS picks for the NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, EPL, PGA, and eventually the NHL.

Brian Walton, who helped guide Mastersball with Zola and Michaels, will also move to Creativesports 2.0 and manage the business with Lawr, along with contributing content related to baseball and rules.for fantasy games. Brian will also assist with marketing in addition to operating his own site, TheCardinalNation.com.

Writers Marc Meltzer (NFL), Greg Morgan (NFFC/NFBC), Zach Steinhorn (MLB. NFL), and Pasko Varnica (EPL, MLB) will also bring their columns from Mastersball to Creativesports 2.0.

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